ambivalence in absentia ... how much can you really expect?

frequently asked questions
  1. q: why did you start this comic?
    a: what started as a love note to my graphics tablet quickly became a love letters and is now slowly becoming a full blown romance novel.

  2. q: what is the hardest part of drawing this comic?
    a: my complete and utter lack of real artistic ability. luckily for me (though not necessarily for you), i'm pretty good at faking it.

  3. q: where do you get your ideas from?
    a: some are inspired by events that happen during my day, but most just come to me. the voices in my head don't ever really stop talking and many of them are quite funny (to me at least), so i figured i'd give them a more productive outlet than just being white noise in my thought process.

  4. q: are you crazy?
    a: you're going to have to direct that to some one who is significantly more qualified in the field than i am, but i don't often turn down the opportunity to discuss the possibility.

  5. q: do you get the opportunity often?
    a: it's a good thing i don't keep track. otherwise i'd be able to answer that question.

  6. q: what are some of the other web comics you enjoy?
    a: seriously? you want me to endorse the competition and point you to where most of the elements in my comic came from? if i must, here is a short list in no particular order: xkcd, crtl+alt+del, dilbert, buttercup festival, basic instructions, a softer world, questionable content, amazing super powers, scratch comics. ok, that wasn't a short list; that was pretty much all of them.

  7. q: judging by the supremely consistent quality of the art in each strip, surely you use stock art.
    a: absolutely not. i hand draw every single frame from scratch ... shocking, i know.

  8. q: aren't faqs for web comics supposed to be funny?
    a: yes, now go away.

  9. q: are there any other frequently asked questions?
    a: i haven't actually been asked any questions yet. i made all of these up, so the word 'other' is a bit unneeded.

  10. q: is the previous answer a lie?
    a: yes, but i don't remember any of the actual questions people have asked, so you get this bunch instead.

  11. q: did you add this question just to have more than ten questions?
    a: yes, i did. thanks for noticing.

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number of comics written, waiting to be drawn: 19 ± 3 [1]

marginally hidden, yet thoroughly unsurprising information

new comics are released as often as i get around to uploading them, but i try to write one every day. if you can figure out how to hack my server, the unpublished ones are stored in a php comment in the file "the_future.php". i neither encourage, nor discourage any attempts at such.

for some unkown reason, people keep comparing my comic to xkcd.

this comic is about concepts and ideas. i am a programmer, and thus excel at neither art, nor english. if you notice a glaring, or even minor error, please notify me.

were you expecting something down here?
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