ambivalence in absentia ... how much can you really expect?

on the topic of xkcd

i greatly enjoy reading xkcd; however, seem wholly incapable of avoiding comparison with it. it is not at all my intent to copy his style; this is simply the extent of my artistic ability.

due to the obvious comparisons to xkcd though, i do not title my works. previously, i also did not include "flavor text" with each comic; however, i grew weary of living under the burden of avoiding such comparisons, so i now include flavor text when ever i damn well feel like it.

besides, my comic has a character set; his are populated with individual people, save a very limited number of only occasionally recurring characters, so fie in your general direction if you can't enjoy my work because you think it's too similar to xkcd.

that's right, fie. i said it.


the scroll bar on the right seemed so sad to be able to only scroll just a little bit, so i'm extending this page for absolutely no other reason than to give the scroll bar more to do. just look at it over there, all happy to be of greater use simply because i was able to take time out of my busy schedule to extend this page just for it. can't you just feel the appreciation ... sickening, isn't it.

nobody likes an appreciative scroll bar.

or at least i don't.

fuck you scroll bar.

act like the angry oppressed widget that you know you are!

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marginally hidden, yet thoroughly unsurprising information

new comics are released as often as i get around to uploading them, but i try to write one every day. if you can figure out how to hack my server, the unpublished ones are stored in a php comment in the file "the_future.php". i neither encourage, nor discourage any attempts at such.

for some unkown reason, people keep comparing my comic to xkcd.

this comic is about concepts and ideas. i am a programmer, and thus excel at neither art, nor english. if you notice a glaring, or even minor error, please notify me.

were you expecting something down here?
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